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Before you go we have a quick question for you...did you know that dogs LOVE the taste of fish?

And that oily fish such as sprats are packed with omega 3 for a fantastic glossy coat, joint health and a boosted immune system?

These are the BEST and most natural treats you can give your dog

  • 100% From The Clear Waters Of The Baltic Sea
  • Air Dried To Seal In The Healthy Vitamins And Omega Oils
  • 100% Hypoallergenic, Perfect For Dogs With Allergies
  • Completely Natural, No Additives, Preservatives Or Colourings
  • Perfect For Dogs With Intolerances - Free Of Any Grain, Soy Or Fillers

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Have Fun On Your Walk Once And For All!

In this helpful guide you'll learn the methods used by top dog trainers to go on walks without any pulling, yanking or barking.

You'll understand secret tactics to get your dog to listen to you immediately and love you every second of the day. Also learn straighforward, easy changes to stop your dog barking or whining. 

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Build A Trusting Relationship That Will Make Your Dog A Pleasure To Be Around

In this eye-opening report you'll learn how to become the alpha dog in your relationship and take back control of your home.

You'll understand how to stop making empty threats, start working with your dog and open your eye's to the endless opportunities there are to enjoy their company.
Learn simple, easy changes that can solve an astonishing range of dog problems!

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Discover seeemingly normal conditions that can lead to big problems if not dealt with immediately in this important & helpful guide.

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Try the highest -value training treat packed with Omega 3 !

Our Dried Sprats are choc-a-block with Omega-3 and make a high-value training treat thanks to their delicious smell and taste. Made from 100% Baltic Sea sprats, these treats are air dried to seal in the healthy vitamins and Omega oils. Dried Sprats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free and veterinary tested.

They are also free from any artificial colourings, preservatives or additives and are completely free of any grain, soy or fillers too! 

Most training treats are made from 'empty calories' but we believe that if you're going to treat your dog anyway make it a healthy treat that leaves their coat shining, eye's bright and joints healthy!

I'd rather keep my dog healthy without help, thanks

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The answer is simple, we hope that by trying our high-value sprats that your dog will love them and you'll buy from us again. We also hope that you'll get huge value from these, easy-read books and guides.... a Win Win!