Best Sellers Bundle

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Get your big bag Best Seller Bundle exclusively from Woofs!

A perfect way to keep your dog healthy and happy, this Best Seller Bundle is sure to make their tail wag. The Dried Sprats are choc-a-block with Omega-3 and make a high-value training treat thanks to their delicious smell and taste. Made from 100% Baltic Sea sprats, these treats are air-dried to seal in the healthy vitamins and Omega oils. Dried Sprats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and veterinary tested.

Our Cod Fingers are made with 100% cod skins which are not only tasty but their natural rough texture helps remove tartar build-up while our Herring Chews contain protein that promotes healthier skin as well as being packed full of vitamins! These products all come in big bags for extra value and are perfect for different dogs needs whether they're big or small :-)

  • Big 500g bag of 100% Baltic Sea Sprats packed with Omega 3
  • Big 500g bag of MSC Certified Cod Fingers, great for dental health!
  • Big 400g bag of protein-rich Herring Chews

The ultimate Bundle for your dog, packed with tremendous amounts of Omega-3 for bright eyes and a glossy coat!