The Healthy Benefits Of Fish Based Dog Treats

Healthy Fish Treats For Dogs


Dental Fitness


Dog Fish Treats For Dental Health

DENTAL FITNESS The rough texture is great for reducing tarter and plaque build-up for healthier teeth, gums and a fresher breath.

Low Calorie and Hypoallergenic


Low Calorie Fish Dog Treats

LOW CALORIE & HYPOALLERGENIC Fish is a great, easily digestible protein source for dogs. Ideal as a snack for overweight dogs who are trying to lose flab or dogs with allergies or intolerances.

Omega 3


Omega 3 Fish Dog Treats

OMEGA 3 is and essential fatty acid that must be included in the diet because it cannot be created by the body. OMEGA 3 supports healthy vision, joint mobility and can help heal sore, flaky damaged or itchy skin.

Immune Support


Immune Support Fish Treats For Dogs

IMMUNE SUPPORT Helps stimulate and strengthen your dog's immune system to quickly and effectively fight infection and reduce inflammation naturally.

100% Natural


100% natural ingredients. Cooked, baked or dried naturally without any additives.


Healthy Benefits Fish Treats For Dogs

What Are The Other Health Benefits?

Our baked skins get in between the teeth of your dog, which helps reduce tartar and build up strong and healthy gums.

Is The Fish Sustainable?

Yes, thankfully.


 The fish that makes these treats is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified


Freshly caught each day by North Atlantic fishermen, the cod are landed, selected and then transported to our manufacturing plant in Cornwall where they are then turned into tasty snacks which are not only delicious but also have many health benefits for your dogs.


We can give you the reassurance that the fish you are feeding your dogs is the best quality, is from a specified species and caught from waters which are safe and are monitored for their quality and stock levels, making sure that fishing does not have a negative impact on the environment.


Our Sprats are landed daily directly to our plant in the Baltics, where they are dried under strict supervision.


Our soon to be launched wet food range, also contains fresh fish from the Baltic sea.


We are delighted to have a renowned pet nutritionist helping us formulate our recipes, to ensure your dog receives all the vital minerals and vitamins needed for a healthy and balanced diet.



Fishing For Dog Fish Treats


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