About Us

What We do

At WOOFS, we produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your dogs, using cod sourced from the North Atlantic and sprats fished from the Baltic Sea. All our products are manufactured exclusively in the UK at our plant in Cornwall or at our other plant in Estonia.
Traceability and sustainability are our top priorities at WOOFS and in the never-ending circle of trying to do the right thing for ourselves and trying do the right thing for our fragile planet, we believe that at last we have produced a range of fish-based treats and wet food for your dogs that meet both criteria.
Our vision is simple—to deliver all the natural benefits of protein laden fish snacks, from fish caught in the clear North Atlantic waters and beyond. Whenever possible, we'll make sure that whatever goes into a WOOFS pack is manufactured in the UK, from a well-managed and MSC-certified fishery.
This is something that sets us apart from other fish-based pet food manufacturers in the industry many of whom do not clearly label the species of the fish or its origins on their packaging.
Click the blue MSC eco label below to learn more about the great work done by the Marine Stewardship Council.


Our Team

Stewart is our Scottish fish man; going straight from school in Aberdeen he found himself working in Sweden, before following fish around the world.
Origins of sustainable fish
Seeing the  wonderful diversity of our ocean life first hand, Stewart brought his values into business, believing we must protect our seas and oceans. That’s why Woofs will never compromise on using anything other than fish from sustainable sources.

Whilst Stewart was protecting our oceans, David has been bossing governments and corporations for years to look after their forests.
His passion for sustainability found a connection with Stewart. So, whether it emerged from forest or sea, via wood or fish, from sawmill or fishery, Woofs has leadership that will never compromise on sustainability.