Save with subscriptions

Our subscription package allows you to choose which product(s) you want, your order quantity and frequency and have it delivered FREE to your door. You’ll also save 15% off your order.

To set up your subscription simply follow the steps below.


Choose your product and start saving

Visit the treats page in our online shop and decide which product or products you’d like to subscribe to. With some products you’ll also be able to choose what size bag you want.


Tailor frequency

Select the ‘Subscribe and Save’ option. You’ll then have the option to choose how often you’d like to receive your repeat order of treats before adding them to your basket, ready to check out.

You can manage the frequency online at any time by logging in to your account or drop us an email


No strings

Your order can be amended or cancelled at any time. So if you want to switch which treats are on your subscription, receive them more or less frequently or just want to stop subscribing, you can do all of this in your online account.

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