MSC Partner in Focus - Woofs


Extract (page 12) from MSC UK & & Ireland Market Report 2021 

  • …. animal lovers are increasingly choosing seafood options that are good for their pets and the ocean too, the availability of pet food products containing MSC certified seafood has increased.
  • ….. the number of pet food products containing MSC certified sustainable seafood has grown by 53% in the UK and Ireland during the last five years….
  • …. with the number of pet food products containing MSC fish and seafood growing by more than 120% during the last five years…
  • While salmon, tuna, and cod remain popular choices for brands like Lidl, Co-op, Webbox, Sheba, and Whiskas, newly launched pet food ranges include an MSC cold water prawn pet food product by McAdams, Cornish sardines by Aldi, and a golden redfish product by Woofs.

Partner in Focus: Woofs

Woofs, a producer of fish-based treats for dogs, was awarded the inaugural MSC UK Pet Food Brand of the Year award at the 2021 MSC UK awards, one of four new categories introduced last year. Using the blue MSC ecolabel on Woofs products not only helps its customers identify sustainable fish and seafood, but also recognises and rewards

efforts made by fisheries to ensure our oceans remain healthy. Innovative products including cod cubes, cod crunchers and redfish cookies are all on offer for hungry pooches looking for a nutritious, sustainably sourced treat.


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