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Here at Woofs we hate waste and our goal is to leave the planet in a better state than when we found it. That’s why all our dog treats are made from the pieces of the fish that would otherwise be wasted; or worse, regulations prevent them being used to feed us humans. Lots of lovely fish just thrown away – a shocking waste. Oh, and because standards in other countries are not always as high as those in our Cornish factory, we take those very same standards and export them to our chosen suppliers. Before you ask; not all of the lovely fish we use swim in Cornish waters, so we have looked further afield to bring you the best in Woofs snacks and treats.

Woof woof - looking after the environment



Woofs is one of only a few dog food manufacturers to hold the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certificate in the UK .


This means that all the fish that we use in our products (wherever possible) is fully traceable and from sustainable sources.
This is something that we are very proud of and means that we can give you the reassurance that the fish you are feeding your dogs is the best quality, is from a specified species and caught from waters which are safe and are monitored for their quality and stock levels, making sure that fishing does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Our policy on the environment and sustainability

Our company is founded on three principles; producing the most naturally healthy snacks we can, ensuring all that we do is sustainable and, never forgetting, dogs are great fun. But looking after the environment is a serious business, so this is what we do when not playing with our pooches. We aim:

  • To operate with a short supply chain between sea, lake or river and consumption, in order to enhance awareness of and to maintain the responsibility of origin.
  • To train our staff, directly or indirectly employed, nationally or internationally, to be fully knowledgeable of the Woofs’ requirements and values on the environment.
  • To only purchase fish, whether the origin is sea, lake or river that are managed on a basis of sound regeneration.
  • To purchase from suppliers of fish we know maintain their own, fundamentally sound, environment policies, in order that our customers have total assurance in buying an environmentally friendly product.
  • To introduce improved environmental practices to those fisheries, manufacturers and yes, even countries where the standards are not as high as they could be; we share best practice and educate on how to work with Woofs environmental principles.
  • To fully comply with legal obligations of EUTR on all those placing fish or fish products on the European market for the first time; to conduct due diligence (DD) on these products to minimise the risk that they are from Illegal Unreported Unregulated Fisheries IUUF.
  • To verify all our suppliers, as a minimum, maintain compliance with all statutory requirements relevant to their sources, processes and products.
  • To have all our supplies of fish, where practical, to be certified, as to the Chain of Custody of the source of supply.

Woofs was founded on sound environmental standards and is working to improve sustainability every day. We hope you, our customer supports us in our aims.

Woofs Environment Officer, D. C. Judd
1 June 2017 (updated 2018)


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