A sustainable pet food start-up creating nutritious fish-based dog treats of the highest quality for our four-legged customers. We’re based in the UK and all of our tasty creations are produced exclusively from our plants in Cornwall and Estonia.
Did you know that WOOFS is actually an abbreviation of our company name?
‘Wild Ocean Omega–3 Fish Snacks’
Dachshund with woof dried sprats pouch
dachshund with a woofs pouch

What do we value?

Zero Waste
We hate waste and so do our oceans. That’s why our treats are made from pieces of fish that would otherwise have been unused and thrown away. We extend our extremely high Zero Waste standards to our chosen suppliers.
Knowing where fish is sourced is half the battle. We aim to make sure our fish is fully traceable back to its original source, to prevent overfishing and harm to ocean ecosystems. We verify this with all of our suppliers and motivate them to maintain these standards.
Whenever possible, we ensure that the fish used in our products comes from sustainable sources. That’s why you’ll see the blue Marine Stewardship Council label on many of our products. We’re proud to be one of only a few MSC-certified pet food brands globally.
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MSC Eco Label
The health of your dogs is our number one priority. Fish is naturally full of