What really happened at Crufts 2020?

What really happened at Crufts 2020?
Months and months of preparations can never prepare you for an event like Crufts. Four days just doesn't seem enough and we're always left wanting for more (just like the dogs who visited out stand). Maybe we should start a petition to make it a weekly or monthly event?
Anyway—enough dreaming—let's move on to our highlights from over the four days...


With the coronavirus threat looming, we were definitely expecting the worst to happen. The media-propelled uproar for the 48 hours prior to the event didn't help to settle our uncertainty. And, if it did go ahead, who would actually turn up?
Alas, it all went ahead as planned despite all the warnings and with the noticeable addition of hand sanitisers in every nook and cranny, including on our stand.
Crowds were depleted by 25-30% compared to 2019, according to event supervisors. And for an event attracting so many international visitors whilst travel bans were in place, that turnout doesn't sound too bad.


2019 was our first year at Crufts and we weren't expecting too much, despite it being incredibly successful. However, 2020 was a whole new kettle of fish...
We felt like the most popular dog in the kennels. Many of you went our of your way to visit our makeshift fish stall to snap up some great deals on both our existing range and some brand new products.
The pet industry is notoriously non-sustainable and it's a mindset that desperately needs to change. However, it was particularly pleasing to see our sustainability message getting across to so many of you. From sustainable fishing practices to Zero Waste production, it's a message we'll continue to push, not just in words, but in actions too.


This might seem obvious, what with it being arguably the world's biggest dog show and all, but take a BOW WOW!
At Crufts, you really do get the cream of the crop. We even had one our Instagram brand reps join us on the stand for a little while—quite literally! Check out Lady Belle.
Dachshund on WOOFS' Crufts Stand


As you can imagine, at events like these, we never mind running out of stock. At Crufts, we and every other stand is actually prevented from restocking during the day, as it's against health & safety policies.
Despite filling every possible space with stock, we still managed to run out of a few products on some of the days. Namely, our large bags of Cod Fingers, Dried Sprats and our Crufts best seller and new release, the Twisted Cod Chews.
WOOFS Twisted Cod Chews