Does your dog really love you?

Does your dog really love you?

We all seem to believe that our dogs are these sweet little things and that they'll love us unconditionally—no matter what. Is this true, or are we actually being conned?


Our team have been determined to get to the bottom of this...


First things first, let's utilise some of our Instagram friends to look at six things dogs do to show they love you.



There's nothing a dog likes more than to give us a big, wet and sloppy lick to (allegedly) show their affection. There are several reasons why dogs do this, one of which is to show that you're superior to them. But since when was it normal to lick those who are superior to you? Another reason is to groom you...need we say more?

Other reasons include:

  • that we're salty (and they enjoy the taste).
  • that they're hungry.
  • to show that they're not a threat.

Conclusion: They're either showing us their love or they're stocking up on salt to go with a fishy treat, which they've conned us into giving to them through licking. It can't be the former, especially when you consider where and what else they lick.




'Puppy dog eyes' isn't a phrase for nothing. All dogs seem to have these big and beautiful eyes, but only us dog owners truly know what it's like to be stared at endearingly. Or do we?

Eye contact is supposedly used by dogs to signify trust and love, and apparently releases oxytocin to the brain, which only goes to strengthen their love. But do you know who else stares deep into your eyes? Hypnotists.

Conclusion: We can't really go against the science on this one, but there's literally no way of knowing whether or not we've been hypnotised into giving more belly rubs and head massages.




Humans appreciate moments of solitude far more than most of our little friends, which is why you'll often find them following you in and out of rooms around the house. It turns out that dogs are actually (unsurprisingly) far more sociable than humans. they refuse to leave your side because they're fully devoted, come rain or shine, no matter what.

Another explanation for this kind of behaviour is that they're well aware that the treats are probably lurking in your pocket. Either way, you probably wouldn't reward a fellow human with a treat if they followed you wherever you went, would you?

No you wouldn't. You would call the police.

Conclusion: Our four-legged friends appear to be natural stalkers from birth and we can only assume that it's because they love us or our treats dearly. It's hard to tell what they love most though. Either way, should we really be rewarding this behaviour?




All strong relationships are built around trust. When a dog rolls onto their back, whether to sleep or demand a belly rub, it's a sure sign that they trust you completely. Has anyone ever resisted giving a belly rub to a dog looking up to them on the flat of their backs? We think not.

Conclusion: Dogs demonstrating their trust is a strong reason to believe they love us. However, we learnt from Love Island that trust works both ways. Ask yourself, could you really trust them to protect your food while you're out of the room? Put that question to the test and you'll get the verdict.

VERDICT: TRUE LOVE (but don't trust them)



Dogs are sociable pack animals and that's why they'll care for you when you're sick or injured. They can recognise when you're ill long before you do. If your dog's willing to care for you in ill health, then they're probably head over paws in love.

Another explanation is that they could just be protecting their investment. After all, you're their source of everything delicious.

Conclusion: Two days caring for master = Two months' worth of yummy treats.




Do dogs only wag because they're happy? Not just that for that reason, no. Dogs actually wag their tails in many ways to display a range of emotions and actions, not just love. These include:

  • Happiness - as in happily in love?
  • Fear - as in fearfully in love?
  • Tension - this is sounding less romantic now.
  • To signal an imminent attack - see verdict for 'FOLLOWING YOU'.

Conclusion: If you're yet to fall victim to an attack or any tense situations, then they're probably just happily in love with you.




CONS - 3 

LOVE - 2


Our findings show that, while your dog really does adore you, you shouldn't necessarily believe that every action is an act of love. They're probably just doing it for the food...

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