Feeding fish to help dogs with sensitive stomachs

Feeding fish to help dogs with sensitive stomachs

Whilst some dogs seem to be able to eat pretty much anything with no ill effect whatsoever, other dogs have a somewhat more delicate digestive system.

The occasional stomach upset is normally nothing to worry about in an otherwise healthy dog, but if it’s a regular issue, particularly after mealtimes, your dog may have a sensitive stomach. This can cause loose stools, flatulence and even occasional vomiting – but if any of these symptoms are more than mild, you should always consult your vet.

Some dogs are sensitive to a wide variety of foods or certain protein sources. Alternatively, it could be a nutritional deficiency, insufficient fiber or your dog’s diet could be too high in the wrong fats. So the first step is to make sure that your dog is eating a well balanced diet and that any food or treats that you’re feeding your dog are nutritious and made from high quality ingredients. Making them more digestible and helping to make sure your dog’s needs are met. 

Secondly, look at which protein source you’re feeding your dog. Whilst some dogs seem to be able to eat any type of animal protein, for others which protein source you feed can make a big difference. So if your dog is eating a beef based diet for example, switch to a protein source not commonly used in dog foods, such as veal, fish or venison. This increases the chance of your dog not having consumed that protein source before and they are therefore less likely to be sensitive to it. Fish can be a great choice as not only is it tasty, it also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as being an excellent source of easily digestible protein.

Watch the fat content. Healthy dietary fats are essential in a dog’s diet and can be obtained through eating fish and meat that hasn’t been overly processed – look for food and treats that contains actual fish or meat rather than ‘derivatives’. These lower quality feeds often contain cheap fats to make the food palatable but this sort of fat is unhealthy and hard to digest. And if your dog consumes too much unhealthy fat they can become unwell, just like us humans. Fish is a great source of healthy dietary fats that are enriched with essential fatty acids, vital in a well balanced diet. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid present in fish which has many health benefits including helping reduce any inflammation in your dog’s digestive tract and so soothing a sensitive stomach.

Finally, always look at the ingredients. Find out what’s in the food and treats you’re feeding your dog as some foods and treats contain fillers, artificial ingredients and colourings none of which are beneficial to your dog’s digestion and health.

At Woofs all of our treats are made from high quality, easily digestible fish that has a multitude of health benefits for your dog. Not only this, fish is low fat and all of our treats are free from any artificial colourings, preservatives or additives and are completely free of any grain or soy. This all adds up to making Woofs dog treats a healthy, nutritious choice that is gentle on the stomach.